Internet stops working after PC sleeps or is shut down.


I've got two computer lanned with a router. One uses windows XP and one uses windows 7. When I shut my windows 7 PC down and start it up again, it will not be able to locate any networks, troubleshooting does not help. My other PC can still access the internet this time so it must be a Windows 7 issue with my router. After the PC wakes up from sleep, the same thing happens. The only way I can fix it is by doing a system restore.

I had the sleep problem with the windows 7 RC, but it would still work after restarting my PC. Now a restart does not fix it. Please help, I can't have my PC on 24/7 or have to wait 20 mins to do a system restore everytime I start up my PC.


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Go to Control Panel . Power options and click the Choose when to turn off display, Now click on the Change Advanced power settings, and check the settings here.

Check what settings? I've turned sleep off. But I can't shut down my PC without my internet crashing. I then have to do a system restore for it to work again.


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Is Internet Explore for some othe rbroweser still running in Task Manager?



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I've been having a similar network problem. Here's how I deal with it: Open 'Device Manager', click on 'Network adapters' to show device, right-click on the device & select 'Disable', click YES. When the icon changes, right-click it again & select 'Enable'. It takes a couple of seconds for the icon on the taskbar to change while it's connecting.
It's a bit of a nuisance to do it this way, but if it works for you it's a lot easier than a "System Restore". I think mine started doing this when I updated the Realtek network drivers . . .

I just went into modem settings and changed my properties to have a default gateway/dns and it works fine.

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