Internet Usernames and Passwords do not save

Hi there,

I am new to using Windows 7 and have a question some of you might have the answers for. I am using the build 7201 windows ultimate and have 4 different internet accounts that I use for various reasons. One of them is called a local account which I use when I play battlefield2 online (in my country (south africa) they sell what they call 'local' and 'international' bandwidth seperately thus having 'different' accounts names and passwords...

I set up different dial up connections that fall under either the home or public network (public by default) and as soon as I input the account with username and password and click "Save and remember password' for only me using or any one using my machine to connect, it connects fine but as soon as I disconnect and reconnect under my Dial up connections it comes up with the dial up box prompt but the username and password is blank. I had just saved it like in XP! I previously used Windows XP Pro 64-bit and this worked like a charm. My modem is bridged (for multiple connections at one time) and is the same one that I used with windows XP.

Please help as I'm pulling out my hair trying to figure this one out and can't keep inputting my username and password for my accounts everytime I switch accounts!

Will be much appreciated!

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