Internet won't work without laptop running!


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So basically I have a ethernet connection with a PC and a laptop but recently I got a weird network issue, where I can't get connection with the PC when the laptop in the other room isn't turned on :S.

When the laptop is off then it says on the PC Unidentified Network and can't connect or it just says no internet access.

And when I turn on the laptop I immediately get Internet access, but then the laptop gets some Connection issues and won't connect. I have tried many things regarding the unidentified network problem but it doesn't seem to solve the issue.

I just can't understand why the network suddenly started working on the PC only when the laptop is turned on.

When I try to troubleshoot the problem when the laptop is off, then it just says that I should try to see if my network adapter is plugged in or something like that.

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Hello and welcome to the forums.
Strange issue indeed. Please attempt to sort the problem by using the ipconfig /all command from a command prompt. Determine what IP address you have on the PC, when the laptop is on and compare it with the information you have when the laptop is off and the problem is present. Copy and paste or use the snipping tool to post the results in your next post. Explain your network if possible. How are you connected, like, PC / Laptop (wired / wireless) to router or switch, router to ISP provided device


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Thanks for the reply,
I have checked the ipconfig before and then sometime it gave me a different IPv4 Address and sometimes didn't. But I have been busy with other things today so I didn't have time to look at the reply and try checking these things again. I'll try to post it tomorrow.


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Sure thing, understood. Good luck, fingers crossed.


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Ok so i snipped ipconfig /all with both laptop running and laptop off. Here it is. Oh and I am wired to router.

Capture.PNG Capture2.PNG


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Thanks, no discernable difference in the two conditions probably a result of the 24 hour lease period, I should have suggested an attempt and a release and renew of the DHCP information under both conditions.
Anyway try a couple things to see if it makes any difference.
First of course make sure that both machine names, ip addresses and mac addresses are unique.
Next type ncpa.cpl into the search box and hit enter
Select and right click your wired adapter and choose properties
Scroll if necessary and select Internet Protocol Version 4 and click the properties button
Changes as follows
Select Use the following IP address:
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default gateway:
Use the following DNS server addresses:
Preferred DNS server:
Alternate DNS server:
Click ok
Now back in the properties dialog box near the top, click the Configure Button
Select the advanced tab and in the left column select speed and duplex
In the right column use the drop down to select 100 half
OK your way back out of there and reboot.
Let us know if turning the laptop on and or off still impacts your desktop connections.


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Both machines IP addresses are unique and I did the Changes of the IP address like you said, but I don't see speed and duplex in the left column like in the picture :/


Edit: after changing IP address, my desktop connection now works fine and won't depend if the laptop is on or off, but now came a problem with the laptops connection. It repeatedly connects/disconnects every 5 seconds.

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OK, one problem down and one to go.
I noticed in your OP that you mentioned something about the laptop having some type of intermittent issues with connecting but you don't mention if the laptop is using wireless or wired.
In either case it may be that your router is at issue since both machines presumeably using the same router has one issue or another. Check with the router manufacturer (website) look for a firmware update for your particular brand, (model and Rev#). You will want to read the instructions for the firmware update carefully since a bad flash of the firmware can leave your router completely unuseable.
If the laptop is using wireless, you may want to use the reset button on the back to reset it to factory spec if you haven't already tried that, just make sure you have any connection specfic information at hand in the event that you are using PPPoE.
Since the static assignment of IPv4 address values helped in the first problem you can of course try that with the laptop, just to see if that might impact the issue. Everything the same except the IP address just use a one off number like instead of use
Keep us posted.

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