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Aug 28, 2007
As the title suggests this thread gives you a chance to say Hi and introduce yourself to the community.

Pip Pip. Brand new at a brand new forum. A sense of a clean slate? Looking forward to this forum distinguishing itself from other 8 forums that already exist and those (many) that are likely to come.
Best wishes and kind greetings to everyone.

Hello everyone. It is great to see everyone here! :)

Krypto signing on:)

Hello boy's, thought I'd come join the fun. Link Removed


Hi, everyone! Writing from Brazil. I love new technologies and, as a user of Windows 7, I'm curious of what's coming next.

I posted what appeared to be a bug, back in the Windows 7 forums.

Whilst I could log in, I was unable to post, and received a message that I should confirm I was human etc.....
I tried every trick I could think of and failed to find a way to post. Oddly, my name (davehc) did not appear on the members list, although I was logged in as a member.

Finally, I invented a new email address through Hotmail and saved in my profile settings. I then received the verification notice at that address and was able to log in and post. My name is now in the members list. Unfortunaely, I will seldom, if ever, use that Email address. I tried the reverse tactic of changing back to my original again, but with the same response and, to my astonishment, once again disappeared from the members list. - Back to Hotmail!

Later. This problem has been dealt with by the Administrator.

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Greetings all transplants from win 7.

JMH & Zigzag3143

Hey all! Glad to be a part of this delightful forum! Hopefully it will become as epic as once was! ;)

Thought I better get in quick to protect my moniker. What with Elmer being such a popular name n'all!

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Hey all! Glad to be a part of this delightful forum! Hopefully it will become as epic as once was! ;)
AND still is! :D

I'm here from W7F continuing my roll for the staff. Mitchell_A from W7F, and it's a pleasure to see you all here. Especially some of the other staff members :)

Found this website through searching Windows 8 New's page after making my a new video, thought I Google some things.

So far I am enjoying my time here and I am liking the layout design of Windows 8 Forums.

I am 16 from Middle East Kuwait and have been highly interested in computers and software for years but I am mainly interested with security software. I am an Advanced Security Expert.

I am also a Web Designer/Programmer and a Developer, I own an Image Hosting Website Link Removed.

I have been making YouTube videos since 2008 with recording software, testing software and making easy to follow tutorials.

My videos are unique mainly in the fact that they are short and straight to the point with useless parts edited out.

If you would like to take a look then feel free to visit my channel.

Other then that I am happy to have found a community with similar interests as me and I hope to further enjoy my time here.

Thanks. Link Removed
- MrX.
Link Removed

I am 16 from Middle East Kuwait and have been highly interested in computers and software for years but I am mainly interested with security software. I am an Advanced Security Expert.

I am also a Web Designer/Programmer and a Developer, I own an Image Hosting Website Link Removed.

Really? You're an Advanced Security Expert, Web Desingner, Programmer, Developper, has a tutoring channel on Youtube and own an image hosting website... AT SIXTEEN??? What are you, some kind of genius? Bullsh*t much! You don't get Web, Dev and programming classes until college (sometimes end of high school but VERY light classes) which you don't get in until at LEAST 16, most of the time, 17, and said classes take 2 or 3 years to graduate, taking you to around 20. Maybe you meant sixty (60), which I'm much more enclined to believe.

As for me, I'm 16 from Quebec, Canada. I have interests in computers, programming and animation and I try to learn what little they give at my high school (NOT a lot). I am fairly enjoying it here, since it's pretty new and, shall we say, deserted, for now. I don't have a resume quite as impressive as sir above but I have knowledge slightly more advanced than most people in about all areas (and not just comps, everything). I hope my little project I published here recently will take off as well(

Thank you all.

Too young to be a developer and geek?

Hey guys,

Its not a horse race. At 16 I was experimenting with the ircu source code, website development, and MUD programming in C. I taught myself how to install, use, configure, and security harden Red Hat Linux (Vanderbilt distro sticks out in my mind for some reason) and Slackware. At the time, those were the big ones. My MUD creation had could draw in a crowd of dozens of players at a time and was a derivative of CircleMUD its still on SourceForge. We published the source code when we got tired of it. We spent almost 6 months to a year rewriting the code from scratch for "version 3" of the MUD while simultaneously taking version 2 down. This was a big mistake, so on 12/19/2000 we published the code for people to use. This code was a tall order, and when it was working, we had an interactive ASCII world map, tons of features, and all sorts of weird nerd stuff.

I can say I was a developer 13 years ago, when I was still 15. I was a founding member of a very successful Internet Relay Chat network called "AfterNET" and even gave it its name ( I must have been 14 or 15 at the time. We wrote a "Constitution" of how the IRC network should behave and I was a major participant in every decision that IRC network made for years. Back in those days, I never disclosed my age.

Even before that, at the age of 12 years old, around 1995, I was on America Online role-playing in Star Trek groups on Wednesday evenings after school. I remember playing Doom and Quake. I remember Novel NetWare being used at my high school and thinking of how slow it was just to login and how there had to be a better solution.

My professional career starts later, but I even ran a web hosting company from 1999-2001. I designed the entire website and coded an accounting system for payments in PHP at the age of 16. The company broke even in 2000 but never really caught on and lost money ( You can look at the Internet archives to confirm this. I shut down shop around early 2001, right before the Sept. 11th attacks.

Was I a professional anything back then? Not really. But we all start somewhere. Once I got to working hard (and then learning that "working smart" was more important according to one CEO), I kept going. I got certified 7x to prove I knew what I was doing and completed 3 years of forensic psychology. I was certified by Microsoft as a MCP, MCSA, MCTS, and MCITP in 2 months. The only reason it wasn't sooner was because I had to work and couldn't get to the exams fast enough :P I'm grandfathered in as being perpetually certified as Network+ and A+ from CompTIA. I have a great background in project management, system administration, and working in IT. Today, I run these forum networks. As part of that deal, I work extensively with business leaders, site members, and I'm taking that a step forward by going to the Microsoft MVP Global Summit next year and doing more NDA work with Microsoft, vBulletin, Crawlability, and other companies. I've worked for government and I've worked for private business.

But times are'a changin. When I was your age I bought my first cell phone at 16 from AT&T. It looked like a blue banana.

Its not a contest! Don't pigeon hole yourself with labels. There is a lot for you guys to look forward to. Needless to say welcome the forums!

Hi NmsUK here. I'm just a simple systems engineer. When working I specialize in building Render farms. I have also worked as a DBA and way back when a COBOL programmer (Hatefull Language). Compared to Mike my certifications are on the lower end. MCSE and MCDST. Even if I say so myself I'm quite good with Bios config and optimization.