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"Sphinx is the system that very high traffic sites use to handle searching (it can handle millions of searches per day across billions of documents) without any problems. Sites like Craigslist, Slashdot and WordPress all use Sphinx for their search. Offloading searches from your database will lead to far less database resources required to run your site/forum.

A rough example of how much resources the default search uses, it took nearly 5 days to index 12 million posts with the vB database search. The exact same content took 18 minutes to index with our Sphinx system.

Large indexes can be automatically split into multiple segments so each segment can be searched at the same time to exponentially speed up searches.

If you run multiple sites, our system will work just fine with multiple forums with a single Sphinx searchd as a backend. You can even include your own static Sphinx config file if you use Sphinx for other unrelated things."

This feature is currently active today. For more information see: Sphinx Search for vBulletin 4

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