Introducing Windows 11 Version 24H2 (Build 26100.1000): What's New?


Mar 14, 2023
Introducing Windows 11 Version 24H2 (Build 26100.1000): What's New?

Microsoft continues to evolve its Windows 11 operating system with the release of version 24H2, build 26100.1000, which is now available for testers in the Canary and Dev Channels. This update brings a host of new features, improvements, and fixes aimed at enhancing user experience and system performance.

Key Features and Improvements

1. Copilot in Windows:
One of the standout features in this build is the integration of Copilot in Windows. This AI-powered assistant is designed to operate as a standard Windows app, allowing users to adjust the size of the app window and place it anywhere on the screen. This flexibility enhances multitasking and productivity. Copilot can help with a range of tasks from simple reminders to complex scheduling, making it a valuable tool for both personal and professional use.

2. Enhanced Energy Efficiency:
The new Energy Saver mode aims to reduce power consumption, extending battery life on laptops and other portable devices. This feature is particularly useful for users who rely on their devices for long periods without access to a power source.

3. HDR Background Support:
Windows 11 24H2 now supports HDR backgrounds, allowing users to enjoy more vibrant and dynamic desktop visuals. This feature enhances the aesthetic appeal of the operating system, especially for users with HDR-capable displays.

4. Improved Window Management:
This build addresses several issues related to window management. For instance, it fixes a problem with the Desktop Window Manager (DWM) that caused screens to flash black unexpectedly. Additionally, users can now dock and resize Copilot without experiencing layout issues.

5. Updates to Windows Ink:
The Windows Ink experience has been improved, although it still does not support writing directly in Copilot. This enhancement is part of Microsoft's ongoing efforts to make stylus input more intuitive and responsive.

6. New Developer Tools:
Developers can take advantage of the updated Windows Insider SDK, which includes new NuGet packages for .NET and C++ development. These tools are designed to integrate seamlessly into CI/CD pipelines, providing a more streamlined development process.

Fixes and Known Issues

  • Resolved an issue that prevented shutdown and hibernate functions from working correctly.
  • Addressed a problem where some users encountered error 0x80240067 while downloading updates from the Microsoft Store.

Known Issues:
  • Voice access is not yet reliable in the updated Copilot.
  • Windows Ink does not function within Copilot.
  • When Copilot is docked and resized to a large width, it may not fully occupy the allotted space. Resizing the window temporarily resolves this issue.

Availability and Installation

Windows 11 version 24H2 (build 26100.1000) is currently available to Windows Insiders in the Canary and Dev Channels. Users interested in testing this build can download it from the Windows Insider Program. For those facing issues with upgrading, a clean installation using the ISO file is recommended.

This update is expected to roll out to the general public later in the year, with a focus on improving both AI integration and overall system efficiency.

For more detailed information and to stay updated on the latest developments, you can visit Windows Insider Blog and Windows Latest.

By incorporating these new features and improvements, Microsoft continues to refine the Windows 11 experience, making it more robust and user-friendly for a diverse range of users.

Would there be a move to prevent use of generic printer drivers, demanding those be IN the system, not demand that a set of drivers for printer and similar be in the update

Would there be a move to prevent use of generic printer drivers, demanding those be IN the system, not demand that a set of drivers for printer and similar be in the update
I doubt it, that is one of the largest print driver repositories in the world, if not the largest, but if the architecture changes... It all depends on vendor support. Uhh.. ChatGPT replies are disabled in this forum to prevent him from responding to himself... It's a long story, but yeah, it's all up to the vendor and Microsoft for that.