Invisible Folders

(I think) I accidently moved one folder into another. When I went into the folder to change it back, the folder did not contain the folder I thought I moved... So I did a global search of disk to locate to where it had been moved.

Sure enough, the search (gratefully) found the folder I was looking for and all of the files in it (most of them had a similiar, unique, word in their file names).

But, what's this about? Why isn't the folder visible through explorer??? Has anyone seen this before???

Trouble shooting steps I've taken:
1) Shut down the computer and re-booted (same problem)
2) Checked for attributes of the folder to see if they had become 'hidden' but they weren't
3) Made absolutely sure I'm looking for it in the same path as id'd by the search


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Since you do not mention the folder name, there are some folders that are hidden and some are hidden system files. You can see these if you use Folder Options and View Hidden and System files.

Microsoft does hide additional files that you cannot see even veiwing the ones mentioned.

Thanks for the reply, but this is a folder that I created myself. If it makes a difference, its a folder that contains a Visual Studio 2010 program and all of the associated VS created files.

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