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I stopped at a public library to access the Internet and pluged their network cable into my Vista laptop. Got a message that I couldn't use the network because my ip address conflicted with a computer already on the network.

Puzzled, I checked my LAN settings. tcp/ip v4 properties: Obtain an ip address automatically. Obtain dns server address automatically.

Is the network assigning me a conflicting address? Or is something else going on? And is there anything I can do if I come across this situation again? Like assign my own ip address ?

(No IT person available at the library, just a nice white haired librarian, whose comment, "Yes, some people can connect, others can't," was as far as she could go.):p



go to start programs, accessories, cmd.
type in
after the display of the release type in
should fix it

I'm having a similar problem.

I am an network Admin at a local school. When we connect a Vista Labtop in a building the system immediately get a IP conflict. It is assigned a gateway address and the dns server is a external address: & Our XP and OSX users aren't receiving this IP conflict. We are a full Cisco shop and I've placed Analyzers, sniffers and IDS in the environment and I still haven't found the cause of this IP Conflict within this one building.

Steps I took:

1. Reboot
2. IPconfig /release @ /renew
3.Change a setting in the registry that prevents the systems from caching the DHCP address in the registry which is a default setting in vista(read a article about this step)
4.Applied Wireshark on the troubled system to see if there is a system infected with a worm or virus (haven't analyzed it yet)
5.Tighten security on all switches in the network
6.Applied a different system to same port the trouble system was located on...


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Networking is not my strong point I'm afraid and can only suggest trying to google the problem...

You never know what turns up..


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If you do a ipconfig /all and get a DNS address that's not in your network it may be this

Thanks for the new DHCP Service Malware Warning! (Also the Worm PIE is going around again......) Have you tried "LanHelper"? Download LanHelper 1.83 Free Trial - A network management, monitoring and discovery tool for office and home network - Softpedia Have you tried the repair function? Open "Control Panel "on each computer and go to "Network Connections". Right click on the wireless connection and choose repair. This will force your computer to get a new address from the router. You have to reset all the devices on your network. I'm not into "Business Networking"......I've heard of some computer arrangements that don't get their addresses from network.

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