IP forwarding or simply connectiong one PC to the internet via another PC using wireless net

Hey, and Merry Christmas to all of you

I have two windows 7 PC's, one is ultimate 64bit and is a stationary, the other one is home premium 32 bit and is a laptop.

The stationary has a very weak wireless net-card that cannot connect to the net from it's location. My laptop however has good connection at the same location.
I'm trying to forward the net from my laptop to me stationary.

So far I've tried by creating an ad-hoc network, but my laptop isn't capable of connecting to more than one wireless network at a time, so that option didn't work out.

I've tried looking into something called IP forwarding, but it was impossible for me to figure out how to do that, simply by using google.

My last option would be connecting the two computers via a cable, but that would require at least two internet cables and a switch too, no? It's a long time since I played the cable game...

Any clues on how to do this? My wireless net is transmitted via a wireless router.

I'm told you can IP forward via just a cable if you can figure out how to make your PC do this. I have no clue myself, but perhaps one of you guys can help.

Any options or suggestions are very welcome.

Note: I did find an earlier thread about this issue, but it seemed dead and whatever solution was discussed seemed beyond my technical qualifications.


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Can you install a better wireless adapter into the Desktop PC? There are very nice PCI Wireless Adapters available that may solve your problem. This would allow both PC's to connect to your router without playing the "cable game".

No, If I'm going to buy anything, it's either going to be a more powerful antenna or a long *** cable.
I'm however, at the moment, currently looking into a solution that might not involve any purchases. Not only is it going to be a while before I get a chance to go to a hardware store and pick up any of two previously mentioned options, but I've often found myself in such situations. Knowing how to do this for future reference would rock.

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