IPhone and IPod syncing is painfully slow on Windows 7


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Hey All,

Ever since I installed Windows 7 on my machine, syncing my IPhone has been painfully slow.

At first I thought maybe there was a driver I need to install (thinking maybe it was reverted back to USB 1.0 by default) but I found out I had USB 2.0

The thing is, when I sync, it starts with the desired speed (USB 2.0) but then it pauses for about 10 seconds then it continues at the USB2.0 speed and so on. Then I thought maybe it's ITunes so I used MediaMonkey (the latest version supports IPhones) and it did as bad.

Note that it can't be the IPhone itself because I tried syncing with the same media managers (ITunes and MediaMonkey) on a Windows XP box and it performed as expected (fast at USB2.0 speeds).

Any help would be great


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sounds strange. I don't experience problems with my iphone under 7, but I havn't done a full sync yet so ... .
But in the end, is it really that bad? I mean you sync once, it takes a while and after that you just sync only a few files if any.

you are sure to run the latest version of itunes? and the latest iphone firmware? sync speed on windows has improved a lot with the latest updates.


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im having the same problem sometimes it will sync but it will take like 10 minutes sometimes it will just freeze up nothing ive tried works to fix this and everytime i plug in my ipod shuffle it tells me hardware needs to be scanned and fixed but it wont because it doesnt see it? but itunes finds it but has problems syncing as well