Windows 7 IRC and Windows 7 = no go


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Mar 20, 2009
Here is my other thread:

Noone's helping.

From the absolute little amount of support from searching on the net about this problem, noone has a straight answer. I do not believe that every IRC server is down just so it can prevent me from using IRC. Highly unlikely. So, it is not that the servers are not online.

And it's not that my ports are not forwarded. I've tried ports I have and haven't forwarded, has not made a difference.

I have installed Microsoft Agents or whatever it is called, has not done a thing to fix the problem.

Even my ubuntu virtual machine cannot connect to irc. Wtf

I've had just about enough of it, so anyone who's willing to help just do it. Thanks

P.s Still doesn't work when ALL firewall/ antivirus facilities are turned off.

and similar servers result in successful transmission. What the hell.
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Well, mIRC works for me, so maybe it'd be a good idea for you to try that.
Hello. Just installed Pidgin, and all's well there. I'm running Win7057.

By the way, all I know are Gnu/Linux channels. Can anyone point me to a Win 7 channel?
Last edited: #winbeta and #winbeta-ads are Windows news/release channels.
Ok thanks for the tip mate, but mIRC does not work at all. None of them work. Not even chatzilla. So that's like 5 IRC client programs I've used to test IRC on my windows 7 and you know what, it aint working. I ping the servers in cmd window and get a response, do not get one in IRC. What the hell. Anyone have any bright ideas? Cause seriously saying "this works for me" doesn't help me, considering I've already tried these options.

Ok ok ok, when I type
it comes up with
Pinging [] with 32 bytes data:
Request timed out.
But if I go
It connects without error.

So, when I type in IRC:
/server 6667
Or any other port number, it still does not connect.

does this ring a bell? Or do the helpful ones come in after the thread starter has pretty much gone crazy trying to work it out.
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Sounds like an issue on your side, probably to do with running processes.
Using access to the internet without going through the router allowed me to use irc. However, since all these ports have been forwarded, how do I fix the router to let me use irc?
mIrc's developer seems to have abandoned it it around 2006. It relied on the MSAgent, which isn't in Win 7. I wish he would open source the code or something.

Rather amazing there isn't a properly coded IRC client out there.
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