Iritating problem (can't do nothing about it!)

Hello Everybody!

i have got an error/bug/whatever you want to call it, every time i try to open my c:drive it says following: C:/ is not available acess denied. and not only the c:drive, when i try to open a program like steam it says something like network connection didn't work and shows an error code called 0x800704b3, and my internet is working teriffic! Something that i did today though, was to go to security and at somehowe enabled windows secure center or something like that and every time i go into the c:/ drive/properties,security tab it says:
To continue you must be an administrative user with permission to display the object's security properties,
do you wish to continue? and beneath that it says continue so i press that and then an error comes up from windows security that says:you can not open the editor for Access Control Lists. Access is denied.

and two more things is that a lot of programs have got windows shields in front of their icons and every time i try to download something from the internet it says interrupted and i cant resume it.
I would be very,Very happy if anyone can post me and help me fix this annoying issue so please do that!

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First, check your machine for any Virus's and malware. Sounds like to me you might have a worm or trojan lurking in your system. Then make sure you have all the latest drivers for your system....the most current drivers. Then check to make sure you have all your MS updates.

i did have an malware virus called windows secure web patch , but it only pops up when i click ctrl+alt+del and when the computer starts so i dont think thats the problem, and like i said the problem is that i cant open no antivirus program cause of the problem that windows security comes up. And i also think that it isnt a antivirus program, no ive entered windows security yester day and the uac, seted them to the higest security settings and now i cant change it because of that my own pc thinks that im not its user. The problem with drivers i cant change either because of that driver whiz wont open (just like all the other programs!) and ive done that still doesnt freaking works.



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even tough i now usesafe mode i cant donload softwares.


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If you can't get it working, even if you try several anti-programs, it may indicate that your system is severely inflicted. Zero-format your disk, and install Windows. You see, it's not only about you, it's also about the fact that your computer may spread the disease.

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