Is 3 scanners too much?


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Please, I have Kapersky Internet Security 2012, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro and Windows Defender installed and I scan regularly with all three respectively.
Is this too many scanner programs? I am worried there may be conflicts between the programs which will leave my computer more vulnerable than if I just had one scanner/shield program (or even just two).
Can anyone suggest a solution which will 1) save me time, money and CPU resources and 2) leave my computer as good as, or better, protected?
Thanks in advance. :)


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You only need one real time AV scanner and more than one running at a time can cause conflicts tho this is less likely to be a problem with AV scanners than with firewalls which you should certainly never have more than one of. It is useful though to run a regular AV scan to try and catch anything which may have crept thru the real time scanner.


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Thanks. I will uninstall Windows Defender.

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