is double encryption on a Win7 file a bad idea?


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I am running Windows 7 Professional x64 on a personal, not work, laptop.

I have encrypted a file using Explorer's encrypt attribute from the properties dialog.

Before I put this file to a cloud storage system like Dropbox, I wanted to also
use something like TrueCrypt on the file.

Would it be a mistake to have a file encrypted by both Win7 and TrueCrypt encryption?
I want to be as sure as possible that this file is protected from any possible hacker attack
on Dropbox.

Thanks in advance for your opinions and help.



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Not sure it would be good idea to use 2 separate. All you can do is experiment. Do it and place the file up and wait 1 day and see if you can decrypt it.

I save all my important stuff off to a password protected usb jump drive and I won't plug it in if I think anything funny going on.


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Thank you for the reply Veegertx. I'll use another encryption app on top of Windows encryption and see how that works out.

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