IS IE10 a Joke?

I heard them talking about IE10 today on TWIT and decided to try it since Skype killed IE9 and it won't browse anymore so it's either that or reinstalling Win7 for the 3rd time. I went to the MS download page and downloaded the file, iepreview.msi, but every time that I run it all it does is open the browser and download iepreview.msi again! It never installed anything and when I checked I still had the same old version of IE. Anyone ever get this to work? Is this an April Fools joke?

Never mind, I got it to work, I had to reinstall IE9, then use the iepreview installer to remove IE10 then install it again. It's really just a demo that looks like IE8 but doesn't have hardly any features, not even a browse forward or back button. It will display a website if the URL is typed in but is pretty slow. I'm not impressed

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