Is it just me? GPU price hikes....


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I heard (probably on here) that ATi 5850 cards are gonna jump up in price 5-10% due to shortages... yet some checking around the big name E-retailers and Ebay is showing much bigger price hikes. Just today for example where I ordered my 5850 the other week have upped the price by £110!!! it's now listed for £304, I only paid £194 n some change. I contacted a few stores asking why and they all seem to be saying that the 5850 is now a £250-300 price tag product.... talk about ripping people off!


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I heard about this also although just checking Overclockers everything seems the same..or at least the card I'm interested in hasn't changed much.. ;)


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As you can see in the picture above from Overclockers of their models in stock you're talking £250+


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And it's a similar story at too


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6..JPG 7..JPG

It's slightly better at Microdirect and Aria, but despite stock at the £230 range theres a few creeping into the £250+

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