Is it normal

After installing windows 7 i have noticed the following, my dvd drive wont show unless i have a disk in.

Is it normal, or do i need to do something to fix things. I have provided two screenshots to show what i am on about.

Thanks Drew

I have looked all over the web and could not really find much and i must add the same machine (Laptop) when vista is installed never has this problem, so its definate that in my view its a windows 7 problem.

Anyway i hope you can point me in the right direction.

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Check this,, just curious......

In explorer (Computer)
Hit Alt / Tool / Folder Options

In there is an option for Hide empty drives or something like that,,, uncheck that and click Ok

Ok, a couple questions:

Is the drive show in the BIOS & in Device Manager?

This is a laptop that had Vista & you installed Windows 7...
Via "Custom" or "Upgrade"?
Where did you get the Windows 7?, what form is it? what version is it?

Except to install, no changes were made to the machine or any settings? Everything running @ Default values?

Yes the drive is in bios and device manager, the install was a clean install and windows 7 was downloaded from microsoft and is the release candidate.
No changes were made to the machine either in hardware or bios settings and everything running at default values.

Thanks but that option was one of the first things i tried.

Thanks for trying to sort things guys.

I have not done anything to alter things, and all day today the drive has been visable in windows, does not matter if i have a disk in or not, it is there.

I used to have a simple easy life until i bought a computer.

Spoke to soon, this thing has gone crazy again, no drive then the drive is there, there is just no pattern to it.

So i have had to go back to vista as i need a stable and fully usuable OS, but thanks for the help.

Decided to have another go at putting 7 on this notebook and after alot of searching to try and solve the dvd drive problem i think i have cracked it.
It appears that i needed something called "Intel matrix storage controller" which i downloaded from the intel site, after reading that some people have been having this problem with vista, installed it, and i no longer have the problem of the dvd drive not appearing in explorer. Works perfect.

The chipset for this samsung notebook is a ICH9M and everything now works as it should.

Just thought i would post this as it might be of some help to other people running machines with the same chipset.

That is curious.
I did not think the Optical drives relied on that. But ok.

Good to know. Thanks for sharing the fix.

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