Is it possible to see the real remote desktop?

Using Remote Desktop I can connect my one Win7 machine to my other Win7 machine.

However I don't see my "real" desktop - by that I mean the remote machine spawns a sort of virtual desktop and shows me that - I can't run the graphic card control panel for instance - and if a monitor is plugged into the remote machine you just see the login screen not what I'm doing.

So is it possible to see the 'real' desktop using Microsoft Remote Desktop?

Or do I have to find some other remote control software - like VNC or something like that.

Remote Assistance will do what you seek. Different rational to RA but, will give what you describe. So will Team Viewer.




Btw what do you mean when you say "different rational" ?

Does one have to manually start the connection on both machines with "Remote Assistance" ?


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Yes, so may not serve your purposes.

Yes, so may not serve your purposes.
Indeed, I just want to be able to log on to a lone machine and configure what it outputs through its video output.

Perhaps there is a system policy which will change behavior?

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