Is it possible

I currently have Windows 7 Home premium 32bit on my laptop which i upgraded over Vista 32bit.
If i buy Windows 7 Ultimate full retail version can i install this over my current OS with the 64bit version??

If not i will just buy another hard drive and do a fresh install.
Incidentally, the laptop will work with 64bit.

BTW my current hard drive is one i bought separate so i could keep the original laptop hard drive to one side should i ever wish to put it back in.



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A clean install is always very much the preferred option and having already run one upgrade install you are likely to be importing even more baggage and I would recommend a clean install especially strongly in this case.

Thanks for that i was thinking it was the best option. I have a program that will only work with XP so using 7 Ultimate in XP compatibility mode will hopefully let the program run.


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Or you could set your system to dual boot as I have done for software requiring xp.


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btw you can't upgrade 32 to 64. well known fact

Installing x64 over x32 will probably work but it won't keep your programs and settings. I would reformat the partition and do a clean install.

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