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Windows 7 Is it safe? anyone know?


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Jan 22, 2009
I have the official x64 version 7000 installed on my main system and so far it has been very stable.
Apart from a network problem (see else where in this forum) I have been very satisfied with this release.
I downloaded the 7057 from the newsgroups today.
Now is this a legit release from MS and is it safe to upgrade to?
I am in the windows feed back program which is only open to the first 500 aplicants and I don't want to jepodise
this by upgrading to 7057 if it is not legit as I will be intitaled to free MS software when the 4 months of feed back is up.
hate to break it to you but the only two legit versions of windows 7 that microsoft has officially released are 6801 and 7000. All the others are leaks that people have obtained a copy of and posted on torrent sites. So NO it is not legit and technically is illegal so do not do it.
Beaker said:
.... I don't want to jepodise this by upgrading to 7057.....
Why not install it on another machine? Use the 7057 only without internet connection in order to prevent auto feedback reaching redmond. You can enjoy the best of both worlds and have your cake and eat it too. Cheers.
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Are there any big changes between the two versions?
If not I shall stick with version 7000.
Thanx for looking.
"I am in the windows feed back program which is only open to the first 500 applicants and I don't want to jeopardise
this "
The offer of the free Vista was a one-off. (That was the offer, by the way, not the feedback program). I cannot see that you will jeopardise anything as the offer is closed.
Downloading and installing any builds is unauthorised (not legal), and, as such, would, by its nature, be anonymous.
It is well posted on this site and others. Builds are not necessarily an advancement, as they are intended for other development sources and are leaked at random,and in no precise order.
If you love to explore Betas/builds, then go for it. Otherwise you will gain little. Better wait for an official release, which could be in the next few weeks..
The changes, at the moment, from one build to another, are not making any outstanding contributions. In fact (my own obsevation) 7057 is, in some respects, a small step back from 7048 (or 7000). It has some changed UAC settings, which Microsoft they would be attending to, as a result of negative feedback., there is a new logon screen, something which seems to change with every build,. There are a few new gui effects thrown in, such as wallpaper, and pictures for your personal account. It has, in the Eula, the remark "Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System Release Candidate 1". I would guess, that, as it is leading up fast to the RC, this will be normal in any builds from now, as it was in the final Vista final stages..
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