Is my problem Windows 7 or Yahoo Mail?

Is my problem a setting in my email or how Windows 7 work? It is driving me crazy!:mad:

Say I want to attach 3 files in a Yahoo email... all from the same folder. They are located like this.... Photos> MarysPhotos > Fall > Kids > Halloween> Pic1,Pic2, Pic3

Before with Vista and Yahoo Mail Classic, I would find the first file and attach it. When I clicked add an attachment again, it would go back to the last foler I was in, and it was easy to add Pic 2 and so on...

Now with Windows 7 and Yahoo Beta, I attach Pic1, but when I click attach again, it brings me back to the Photos folder, and I have to click all the way through the sub-folders again.:-<

Is this a yahoo setting or Windows 7. I can't find anything about it on Windows 7 help. Thank you


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The honest opinion I can give you is that too many variables have changed to make a truthful determination. To me, it sounds like the problem is due to a change from Yahoo! Classic to the Beta version, which has been known to have quirks. But again, if you were using a different browser prior to installing Windows 7, even if this was an earlier version of Internet Explorer, that could have something to do with it. You may want to consider temporarily moving files you want to upload into its own folder, as to decrease the level of frustration you are experiencing. So if its a lot of files, you can deal with them from one central location. You could also try a different browser and see if that works. I have not used Yahoo! Mail in some time. If its still possible to switch back to Classic, you can see if that solves the issue as well. While not a concise answer, I hope this does help you in some way.

Thank you.

After posting earlier, I thought more about it. I was definitely using the same email (beta). It started when I got a new laptop, which may be a newer version of IE, however I doubt it because I always had my old laptop up do date with everything. I use both IE and Firefox, depending what I am doing. I would guess with my job, I send an email with multiple attachments around every 15 min., so needless to say, I send a lot of files.They are files from all over my computer too, so I can't re-organize or I wouldn't have folders at all, and would have my whole computer in one big folder :). (good thought though if I sent less)

IDK... I will have to get my old laptop back from my daughter and see what version IE I had. I thought it could be Windows 7, since I have other issues with the way it is set up. I can't stand it. I feel like I am right back to Windows XP where you had.. my documents in my documents in his documents in her documents. I loved Vista (I know, I know, I'm one of the few) But I guess that's a different story.


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The one difference you may be experiencing is that Windows 7 makes use of Libraries extensively (these can be multiple directories/folders for just about any file type you want to set up). If the Yahoo Mail interface doesn't work well with Library folders this could be the issue, but it would be unusual.


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I thought it might be libraries as well. But by the time I'd composed, like, wot I fought I woz gonna say. You'd put it in better words than I could Mike!

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