Is possible to find corrupted pictures in folders recursively?


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I found after disk failure lot of corrupted pictures in folders.
I'm not able to delete them manually for files count.
Is possible to detect if is picture (or even any file) corrupted and search for them and delete? Even recursively?
By any tool, by any way.

Thank you for each help, reply or comment.

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It's unusual to find a corrupt picture.

Usually this would mean that there is a cause for the corrupt picture such as malware or bad sectors et cetera.

There is no way to periodically check for corrupt pictures. If they are coming from a storage device, you can open File Explorer, and then head to This PC > Name of drive > Right-click on it and select Properties, and then from the Tools tab, click on the Check button next to where it says Error Checking.

Alternatively, you can try using the System File Checker tool.


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No, not unless you maintain file hashes or a copy to compare it to to determine if it is corrupt. Many file systems including Microsoft's NTFS have built-in safety mechanisms to protect against data loss and corruption. Corruption can still occur when a sector or ssd transistor go bad, but often running the chkdsk tool or sfc for system files can recover, move the data, and mark the location on the disk as bad so that it's not used again.