Windows 7 Is there a daily reminder in windows 7?

I am looking for some sort of daily reminder that is in the computer where I can input the data when I want and it will alert me when the day arrives about appointments or bills to pay etc. It seems such an obvious and simple thing that I would have thought it would be in win 7 somewhere. If so how do I find it and if not any suggestions for a basic free one? Thanks

No, none in the OS itself BUT,

There are 3 available w/out bothering w/ google stuff, any 3rd party stuff or toolbars.

1. Is under Windows Live w/ Hotmail, etc.
2. Is the calendar that is part of MS Office Outlook
3. There is one in Windows Live Mail.

All 3 will send reminders/alerts to your Inbox.

Personally, I, also, use Sticky Notes for reminders and To Do lists.


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