Is there a folder view option in Windows 7 explore ?

Is there a folder view option in Windows 7 explore as was the case with XP ?


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Is this what you wish to find?


thanks for that info. to get that i gather one press's windows key & E. but that options are same as from control panel. Apparently there's
no way can one see the full file path of the folder in W7 as one used to be able to in XP. The morons have messed it up !


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Yes Windows Key + E, or My Computer or ?????

Perhaps this would help:



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Are either one of the attachments what you are looking for, since it seems you are looking the the path of the file? This is the same as Ted showed.

You can also right click and get the path.



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It doesn't get any better than Saltgrass's picture. Maybe you could give us an attachment, if that is not what you want? Here is mine with the fully extended path, only to emphasise what has previously been said.

Thanks. But I don't understand why the changes. An excuse to sell a different product maybe.
Another issue is the columns are too narrow. You can drag & drop to increase width, but that shouldn't be needed every time. In XP there was an option to save a view & thus column widths as I recall. Can that be done in W7 ?


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If, under "View", you select "Choose Details", you can set individual columns to any width you wish.
Also, if you right click at the top bar, where the text reads Name - Date modified..etc, you will find options to adjust column widths. Durther. If, in the same bar, you hold the right mouse button on any of the column separator lines, youn can drag to the requiresd width

Thanks. I'm aware one can drag & drop. But to have to do that every time one opens a folder is not good ergonomics. Also the drag line is not very clear where it is compared to XP. Typical MS.
I've just discovered the option of right mouse just above top row, then 'size all columns to fit'.
But surely size all columns to fit should be the default rather than opening a folder to find half the columns blocked out by the next column. In folder options, view there's no box to tick to make that the default ! Yet that's a key variable that effects the view !
Lots of rarely if ever used options are available in view, but not the most important & useful one !!!
IN XP one could apply a view to all folders.


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Not sure what is the drag and drop in this context? No drop involved.
I think most feelings on the discernability of the lines are that, as a seldom used function, they are discrete. But a change of theme might have some effect?
On my installation, if I select "size all columns to fit", it does, indeed, become the default.
But, as you are obviously very unhppy with the new look, I would suggest you try one of the third party applications. You may be lucky, but I have found, for the most part, that they individually have too many features, or features which are not required. I have invariably returned to Windows Explorer.

Thanks again.
I'm trying to add a screen shot of dialog boxes for you to see where I'm at, but there's no browse option on this site. So I try & paste the URL of the URL on my PC, but guess what in W7 the address bar content is now in the dumbed down form rather than raw text, so there's no possibility of pasting the contexts as text into your attachment upload !

So I'll have to describe where I'm at;
View, customise this folder, advanced,
Advanced attributes dialogue box says 'Choose settings you want for this folder. When you click OK or apply on properties you will be asked if you want to apply to all sub folders & files'
Except when I click 'OK' I don't get offered that option !

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