Windows 8 Is there a Plan B if Windows 8's Metro fails?

There need to be No plan B because windows 8 is too good to fail. BUT, there is something Microsoft need to do and do it now: Consumer awareness: They need to hit the airwaves with a short video of the start screen or metro UI to show the lay person where things are: what happen when you move the mouse around the screen: close apps, power and setting screen etc. They should not let people to fumble to discover things by try and error, it will easily be abandon. These days only the diet hard fans will visit the web site for frequent ask questions. There should have been a short video explaining were things are (the hidden screen or icon) in the metro UI with the consumer preview download. With such a radical change in the OS Microsoft short be hitting the airwave at least 6 months before final release. People these days don't have time to learn by try an error you have to tell them were things are and start now and short video will do it. I am seeing tech guys being frustrated because they can not find the short down , lock out, shutdown, restart button etc. It gets frustrating more to the lay person.
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