Is there a way to set the duration the images show in Slide Show in Windows Explorer?


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That's my question, I'm putting together a slide show of 3D images that I want to show on my TV next week when we have company.

I would like the images to stay on the screen a little longer without having to actually create a slide show in some special application like Premiere.
The Slide Show function in Explorer works great if I can control the timing.

I looked for options someplace, but I haven't found it.

Any help welcome.



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Could you explain exactly how you get to the slide show option in explorer? I see Photo Viewer has an option to burn a Video DVD but have not found your options.

You probably want to put them on a SD card, or stream?


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You get the slide show option if you set the folder type to Photo.
Then Slide Show will show as an option in he top bar along with Burn, New Folder etc.

This is an option to quickly show all the images in a folder as a slide show on your computer.
I use it all the time, if I want to show someone a bunch of photos I just put them in a folder open it and hit slide show.

It works very well, it sizes all the images so that they are as large as the largest dimension will fit.
And the part I like about it, it shows all your images at their full resolution.
A lot of the software that makes slide shows seem to lower the image quality on large images.

It shows them on a black background so they really pop.

And I found the answer to my question.

When the slide show starts right click in the image and a drop down will give you options like fast medium or slow, loop, etc.
If I want music I just have it cued up and start it in Media Player, WinAmp, or something before I click on Slide Show.

Right now I can't seem to get to the options as to how to view the folder to come up, I thought that properties gave you options as to how the folder was to be used, i.e. photos, etc.

Maybe some one can refresh my memory as to how you access this in Windows 7, I know that's how it worked in XP.

Make sure that you go to folder options and don't have Always Show Icons checked.
Maybe all you need to do is have it show Thumbnails, it seems to work in all my folders.

The folder has to be open, you can't click on a folder and select Slide Show, only on a folder open in Explorer.


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