Is there a way to stop PS5 controller changing mic/speaker settings every time I plug it in?

Nov 7, 2023
As above, but little intro below.

Hey all, obviously a new member here and I have a few different Windows "annoyances" that I have never found an answer for on the internet (or struggled to word the query in such a way as to find an answer). I don't won't be be a leach so will contribute where I can, though I'm hardly a power user so not sure I will have much to offer. But I also know forum moderators get twitchy when new members post a lot, so please be assured I am not here to spam or anything.

So my query; I use a PS5 controller on my PC occasionally for Steam games, I prefer to use a USB cable as to keep changing the Bluetooth between PS5 and PC is an annoyance (as is charging), but every time I plug the controller in, it changes my mic from my Logitech to the controller, and speakers from my soundcard to my controller. Is there a way to make Windows recognise the device every time and stop it changing my settings?

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