Windows 7 Is there any way for me use .doc files without having to pay?

I was going to say WordPad, but I see that the version included with 7201 X64 does not support .doc. I had no idea MS had removed that capability.

I have never tried this: - The Free and Open Productivity Suite

but it may help.

I continue to use Office 2003. The student version was fairly inexpensive, as is the still available home/student version of Office 2007. (I know that cheap is not the same as free.)
As the others mentioned... use I've used it for a long time and it's a fantastic FREE alternative to MS Office. I'm using the 64-bit version right now and it works smoothly.
^^+1. Even Open office files can be now opened with MS Office 2007. OO rocks. or you can use Google Docs if you have gmail account.
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