Is this for real?


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This morning when I opened Live Mail I received a message saying that do to suspicious activity my account had been blocked!

It then opened a web page that wanted to verify my account.

I said it would send me a code to the e-mail address that was blocked (smart thinking there).

I opened the message in Thunderbird and retrieved the code.

At this point it want's me to type in my password and then change it to a new one.

One... My password is for Comcast, not Live Mail.

Two... The address on the page is,
It has a Microsoft header but this doesn't look like a Microsoft address to me.

This seems like a sneaky way to find out what my password is?
I stopped the process at that point. But I can't get my mail through Live Mail.

Anyone ever see this before?

I'm going to run Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware now.



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Haven't seen it Mike.
I will say that if it is bogus, it is an excellent hack. In IE10 it comes up as Microsoft Corporation and secure.
Although I don't think I would be fiddling with my Comcast email account password through live mail, though it shouldn't have any impact on the actual account, I think it is just for Live Mail authentication.
Think you should continue with your investigation.
Maybe uninstall and reinstall live essentials just to make sure something is not corrupt and causing this to happen.
Seems you would have received some notification by alternate email, text, phone or in your comcast email if things were seriously wrong.


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I ran my anti male-ware software.

Malwarebytes didn't find anything, SuperAntiSpyware found 33 things, some items listed as Live something, I should have looked at it in more detail but it deleted them.

I did discover that my account isn't really blocked, if I just close the warning message, my mail is working normally.

This makes me think this really is a scam, but I still get the message every time I open Live Mail, even after running my anti-spyware software.


It's a scam Mike.
Any business you deal with, have an account with etc:, will always, always, address the email/letter to you (addressing your sir name)
If any addressed to Dear Customer, Valued Customer, Dear Member etc: is a scam and should be deleted and/or reported as a scam.
I get these all the time and from some I don't even have an account with.



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I can't find anyway to uninstall live mail?

It isn't listed in Revo Uninstaller or in Windows add remove programs or Windows components.

Anyone have any ideas?



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Hi Again

Much to my surprise this seems to be real.
I finally went directly to Microsoft's web sit and signed into my Live account.

It came up with a message saying that my account had been blocked and sent me an email which I then clicked on the confirm my address.

After that the message went away and things are back to normal.

I don't really get it, my mail still worked fine.
I guess it wasn't telling me that it was blocking my e-mail, just access to my Live account (which has a different pass word then my mail) weird.


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