Windows Vista Is your computer slower after upgrade to Windows Vista SP1 from Windows Vista?


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Jan 30, 2009
My computer has 4GB Ram. and a Dual-core CPU.

But I still saw the difference before and after upgrade my Vista to Sp1.

I counted the time of loading time from the logging to finish loading all my starting items.

Before: 30Sec.
After: 50Sec.

Are your Windows Vista acting like that just after install SP1 from Windows Vista?:frown:
Not at all, there is a noticable increase - a modest one at that - in performance on my computer since I upgraded to SP1.. Vista HP 64bit, Q9300, 6GB RAM.

You didn't mention if you are using a 32 or 64bit build of Vista? :redface:
Note that "Superfetch" takes a few Boots before it "optimizes itself" -- I'd switch this off as well as the "fast Search". I'd also disable the Readyboost --you don't need this with 6GB RAM so disable the service.

Superfetch is not really necessary and indexing whilst it does improve the speed of finding a file etc the overhead of it running almost continuously IMO isn't worth it. How often are you really searching for files --if you do this a lot either organize the way you work differently or consider using something like a proper cataloging system or a database like MySQL.

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