ISATAP adapter 3

This just showed up all of a sudden in my device manager. I have not installed any new hardware of software. What is it and why is it showing up now? Also it has a yellow triangle, when I click on to fix, repair I get latest driver is installed. Doing some research on it from MS web site it says nothing is wrong with device and to ignore warning. With the old adage of not sure what it is, delete it motto, so I did. Any ideas as to why now?


Former Moderator

I'm not sure,but I think it has to do with the kind of network you're running. Most home networks use IVP4 because all home routers use it. Businesses like to use IVP6. The two networks connect at that adapter ISA TAP #3. Maybe you should check and see if you have IVP6 enabled?. Turn it off and see what happens.

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