Issue Adding Fonts

I've downloaded a few TTF files from the web...
-I tried dragging the files into the Windows Fonts folder and they won't go.
-I tried copying the files but the paste option is greyed out.
-I tried opening the files hoping for an "install" option and found nothing.
-I tried looking at the font properties for an "Unblock" button and there isn't a block on any of the fonts.

Others who have downloaded from the same website say they've had no issues. Any thoughts?


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If the font is compatible with Windows you should be able to right click on the font file and select install.

You can multi select a column of font files and it will install them all at the same time.

What type of font are you trying to install, Type 1, TTF, OTF etc?

Some Adobe fonts come in two parts, PFM and PFB, only the PFM can be installed.


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