Issue with audio, network centre and many other functions.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Onesc, Aug 1, 2011.

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    So there I was, trying to install the driver for my XBOX 360 wireless receiver. Some bloke off another forum told me
    that I needed to uninstall the driver for the unrecognizable device that was my wireless receiver. I did so and
    proceeded to restart my computer. It booted up and I tried to open iTunes and then noticed my volume bar icon had a red cross through it. Clicking on it only brought me too a "Attempting to Fix" progress bar which inevitably failed. Tried to open my web browser to look for a solution and
    had a "Could not contact DNS server spat in my face. I tried to open the Network and Sharing Centre but it told me
    that that feature was currently unavailable. Tried running a virus scan in AVG but it just didn't wan't to happen as
    nothing happened when I tried to scan. Eventually decided to screw it and just run a system restore but ironically (andvery frustratingly) it brought me an error. Now my first guess is that I need to reinstall windows 7 but I don't currently
    know where my CDs are and would like to know my options before taking that plunge.

    Thank you very much for your time, and thank you in advance for those with a solution.
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    This sounds a little strange, since unrecognizable devices do not normally have drivers, which is why they are unrecognizable!:)

    Perhaps you removed some driver you needed for your sound system. Have you tried letting Windows look for devices to see if it can find anything in Device Manager.

    I don't run an XBOX, so not sure about your setup, but if you are just trying to connect to a wireless device, you may be looking at something else. Is there some device you put on your system especially for the XBOX?
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    Hi Onesc and Welcome to The Forum.

    Further to Saltgrass' excellent advice. Did you try running System Restore in Safe Mode?

    (To enter Safe Mode repeatedly press the F8 key after the POST screen / the beep)

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