Issue with Laptop OS reinstall after ssd upgrade.. No Drivers!! Help!

Hello all, I recently bought a samsung NP-300V5A laptop for compsci at school, and picked it due to the fact that out of all the laptops at microcenter, this one was at a reasonable price with an i7 2670qm, however, coming from building 3 of my own very high end desktops (3930k w/ gtx 690 & ssd's) the 5400 rpm drive just was unbearable, so I went out and picked up a crucial M4, and replaced it. I also bought a copy of windows 7 home premium OEM and tried booting from that dvd, and it would not work, I just got a backlight loop, so I inserted the Samsung recovery install disc, and used it to install windows, worked just the same as any other win7 install, however, my internet is not working now, and my laptop's monitor/display is recognized as a generic nonPnP and won't go to its max resolution. I can't figure out how to fix this... please help me out?


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If there was there a drivers disk with the computer, I would check for that or go to the Samsung site and download some. The Windows 7 network drivers do not work for my network adapter and I always have to use the Motherboard drivers CD for it, at least.

Windows 7 may update certain drivers, but if you have specific ones it might be better, and also it seems Windows may need a little help to find drivers other than plain vanilla ones.

Also right click "My Computer" from the start menu and click "Properties" from the pop up menu. Then click on "Device Manager".
The device manager window lists all devices on your system and the status of their driver. Devices with yellow question mark have issues with drivers.

This should give you a good idea of other devices that may require drivers from Samsung site for the model of your laptop.
You cannot always rely on the drivers that come with Windows 7.


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As Saltgrass has recommended above you will need to use the Samsung Support Site here Samsung plug in your complete model number and download specific drivers for your installed hardware.
Unfortunately there are several NP-300V5A so it's difficult to be more specific than that

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