Issue with my DVD/CD Drive

I am running into a bit of trouble while I am trying to rip a cd. I recently installed Windows 7 and now when I insert a cd or dvd into my drive it will not start and does not recognize it. I checked the device manager and I get this message:

Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device. A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Have you tried checking your computer's website (Dell, HP, Etc) for updated drivers? I would try that first. Also try a third party burning software like Nero to see if the problem is inside of Explorer or exclusively a problem with the CD-DVD drive drivers. Is it recognizing software CD/DVDs, but only not recognizing Blank media?

Several people are having this issue - not sure what the answer is. I've sent feedback in to Microsoft describing this very issue. What path did you follow to move to Windows 7? Did you do a fresh install, upgrade from Vista? In my case, I did a fresh install in a virtual environment and had no problems, but when I upgraded my computer from Vista SP1 to 7, this problem arose. Tonight I'll be trying a clean install on my box to see if this resolves the issue. Otherwise I think we're dead in the water until Microsoft addresses this.

I found another thread on this issue and I followed a couple of tips and it worked.
I give credit to sysyphus for this one:
Step 1: follow the link below and d/l the program.
Citadel Industries - ReadyDriver Plus

I give credit to Kyle for this:
Step 2 uninstall the hardware.
Step 3 reboot and Windows will reinstall the hardware automatically (make sure you have auto install enabled)
Step 4 once the hardware is reinstalled you may have to reboot again and run Ready Driver from the boot menu.

I did find out that if you restart or power down you will have to always run Ready Driver from the boot menu when you want to run the disc drive.

I hope this helps someone:D

I found this as well, but I was hesitant to run this as other users suggested it slowed down the boot and logon time. Did you notice any significant issues? Regardless I think I'll give it a try - hopefully Microsoft addresses this issue.

It does slow it down a little, but I did not have a problem with the wait if it meant that I could use my Disc Burner:D

I also hope that MS does address this issue.

Well, I decided not to run that app, but to blow away the OS and start from scratch. Lo and behold, my DVD drive is available and working after a clean install. Looks like this issue is probably due to the Vista to 7 upgrade. Can't promise this will work for everyone, but its a step in the right direction!


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Yes this is a known issue now with the upgrade from Vista to 7. This is one of the reasons why i suggest to everyone to do a clean install.

Easy fix without the re-installing......

After doing an upgrade install on my laptop I soon found my cd drive would'nt read any cds/dvds or burn files.

So I went to Control panel > View by small icons > System > Device manager and uninstalled the DVD drive driver.

On reboot windows reinstalled the driver and from then it has worked fine :)

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