Issues booting Answer file using Windows AIK

Help a Brotha out please.

I created an answer file using the windows AIK tool called Windows System Image manager tool.
Great tool by the way! Well even better once I get my Answer file to boot from the USB.
Ok back to my time question. I created the answer file and copied it to my USB drive inserted the
Win7 Ultimate disk in by cd Rom and USB in its port and when I reboot it tells me unable to find boot

What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to clone a system configuration?

Hi Jack

Thanks for your response.

Well I am studying for Windows 7 cert 70-680 MCTS EXAM and am stuck on this one lab.

Create an answerfiile Autoattend.xml and Capture a system image. All this is being done with a tool on the Windows AIk disk called
Windows system image manager.

After I created the answer file and copied it over to an empty USB, I incerted it into an empty USB port and poped the Win7 install disk in the CD-ROm . Then I reboot and made sure BIOS knows to boot from USB and I get an error that unable to find Ntldr or it will just boot to the existing OS installed on the system insted. I feel like I am doing something wrong with respect the USB thumb drive.
From my little experiance I would think the USB would need some sort of bootloader program but the book says the system will look at the root of the USB for the autounattend.xml


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What do I put into the autounattend.xml file to use my $OEM$ folders? How do I create a package of my applications for the WAIK? John


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I don't know basically anything about what you are doing, but it seems you need to make a Flash Drive bootable, if you have not.

Perhaps this Microsoft Reference will help.

Or maybe This One..

If you have questions, I will try to help as best I can.

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Thanks for all of the feed back guys. I did a little bit more looking into it and it seems that I need to be trying to boot from the CD-rom with the windows Installation on it and not the flash drive that contains the autounattend.xml (answer file) file. So I guess I once I boot from the
Cdrom then by default the installation will look to the flash for the answerfile.

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