Issues with wireless I didn't have before!



At home, I have a Acer laptop. To my knowledge, it runs 64-bit Vista, and has a standard built-in 802.11 b/g wireless installed. Recently, I upgraded to Verizon FiOS 15/2 mb. I used to have Verizon DSL, combo'd with a D-Link wireless router. It wasn't particularly fast, but it worked fine. Now, on the Motorola Router/Modem I have for FiOS, my television is crystal clear and my desktop/Xbox, which are hardwired, are lightning fast. But my wireless doesn't stay connected. The router is in the basement, but so is the laptop, so this shouldn't affect it. I've turned all blockers/firewalls off, and still no dice. The laptop detects the network and can connect to it, but it won't stay connected for more then five minutes before having to reconnect. Should I upgrade the drivers on the laptop, downgrade to XP, is it the router itself or the location of it? Any help would be welcome. Thanks!


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You should look to upgrade your wireless network card drivers first. Find out who makes your 802.11 b/g card in the Device Manager and go to their website if you can not find it on the Acer website.