"Item Not Found ... Verify location and try again."

Win7-64 Home Premium OEM on a little desktop system at my home.

When I rename file XXX, I get the message:

Item Not Found. XXX is no longer located in c:\...
Verify location and try again. Date created: xx-xx-xxxx

When I click "Try Again" the rename looks complete. But it causes numerous other problems.

This is evidently a known problem, possibly connected to KB980408, which I haven't even managed to find on my system.

I checked attributes on the folder, did a "take ownership", etc. UAC has been turned off for months.

I haven't been able to positively track it down, focus on the exact problem and solution. I need to fix it ASAP.

Any help with this would be much appreciated. Someone has nailed it down?



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Try turning UAC back on and see if that helps.

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