Items in windows media player disappear

When I'm organizing the windows media player library and add a new library folder in the music library it appears in windows media player and I can see it under "folders" in the library. The problem is that when I close windows media player and opens it again the folders that have been updated in the library disappear and only one folder appears out of 15, and I cannot see them and I have to update the music library again. How can I keep the updating that it will not disappear?
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For clarification:
You add files to the library, but the next time you open Windows Media Player, the files are no longer in the library?

yes. exactly.


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You manually add them?
Try this:
Fixing When Windows Media Player Library Won’t Let You Add Files - How-To Geek
It's for Vista but should work for Windows 7 as well.

Alternatively, you can set-up the library yourself so that Windows Media Player will automatically add your files to your library.
To do this
Press ALT in the main Media player Window>>File>>Manage Libraries>>Music.
Here you can add and remove folders that will be automatically synchronized, note that it sometimes "takes it's time" putting the files in your library, but overall works well.

I tried the guide on How-To Geek, but I didn't find the database files on the mentioned folder on my computer.

I didn't add the folder manualy (how can I do it?), I added them through the library that add them but remove them after I close the media player and open it again.One folder is stuck on the media player and I can not remove it, but 15 other folders appears and after I restart the media player disappear.

Thank you. I fixed the problem by the How-To Geek guide' I tracked the files and deleted them and it fixed the problem.


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Glad to have been of assistance. :)
Thanks for using the forums, hope to see you around.

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