iTunes 64 bit problems

Does anyone here have any knowledge of using iTunes 64 bit and the Voiceover facility with Windows 7 64 bit?
iTunes is installed in program files (not x86) and the voiceover .dll has been moved from the root of C where the installer leaves it to the iTunes directory. Add/Remove progams shows Voiceover as having been installed and if I try to delete the .dll it informs me it is running. We have a tick in the Use Voiceover box and it synch's with our new Nano when we tick/untick the box but on the Nano itself it is not working, it just brings up an iTunes default menu. The Apple store tested it and have given the Nano a clean bill of health but they dont support Windows 7 or 64 bit.
We have deleted and reinstalled all of the Apple programs. The version of iTunes is the current one.


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You should try re-installing the entire iTunes program.

Hi Mitchell_A.
I have again deleted everything Apple/iTunes as per instructions from Apple, reinstalled iTunes and restored the Ipod software. The Voiceover software is installed. The iPod synch's but does not install the track voiceover.
Our neariest major Apple store say they 'do not support Windows 7 or 64 bit software' .

I was hoping to find just someone on the Forum who uses Windows 7 64 bit and iTunes 64 bit with the voiceover software installed.

Hi Drew

As far as I am aware iTunes is working OK. We have a new Nano and a Shuffle that has voiceover and it is this we are trying to get working.

In the Apple store the Apple Windows Genius had Windows XP 32 bit and demonstrated voiceover working.

I'm having problems with the itunes. When the itunes finished DL. I get this error message "not a 32bit application." I DL'ed both the 64 bit and the 32 bit version. I went into proporties and set to "administrator" still did not work. I also set it to " differenent service packs" and still did not work. It's very fustrating. Please help.

Hi hksvr4

You have not said what your OS is?

Thanks to being able to create a Virtual Machine in the Ultimate version then running Windows XP I have discovered what the problem is.

In iTunes, Music left mouse click a track and select Get Info and select the Options tab.

In the iTunes 32 bit version there is an option for VoiceOver. By default this is set to Automatic but by selecting English and synch'ing Voiceover started working.

In the 64 bit version the VoiceOver option does not exist.

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