Windows 7 iTunes crashing windows


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Mar 31, 2009
I'm running the 32bit build 7022 of windows 7. When i start iTunes, windows crashes instantly with a Windows Explorer Has Stopped Working message. Has any1 else had this issue and has any1 found a solution if you have? I have tried all the standard options of uninstalling/reinstalling but no dice. It has worked in the past on this same install of windows 7. At first it was mainly fine, only happening on the odd occasion but now i cannot open it at all. P.S. It's the latest version of iTunes and i have all the windows updates installed. c0da

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Windows7 x64 RC1 Crashes During iTunes 8.2 Install

I had flawlessly installed all hardware/software that I wanted and upon installing iTunes the computer had a fatal lockup and subsequent crash. I'm not sure what the problem that caused it may have been. Most of the posts I read about my crash issues seem to point to one of several things: HDMI Video incompatibility, BIOS incompatibilities w/ x64 setup, RAM problems, or other software (e.g. iTunes, etc.). I had successfully installed all updates/options including Office 2003, IM programs, and McAfee w/o incident.

I'm going to try to remove iTunes under safemode, if that doesn't work I'll re-install RC1 and not install iTunes and see if it duplicates for any other reason.