Itunes libarary problem with Win7 RTM 64

I'm trying to restore my Itunes library from an XP install where the library and music were held on a spare hard drive. I have Itunes64 installed on Window 7 and it works okay except for the problem below.

I've moved the Music folder in Win7 to the spare hard drive. Hence when I select Music from the start menu I go to the folder on the seperate hard drive. I removed the link to the C drive. The only Music location is on the spare hard drive.

When I load up Itunes I changed the options to store the library on the different hard hard-drive. However, Itunes continues to store the library in : C:\Users\me\My Music. If I delete the folder Itunes just re-creates it. Hence my existing library files from XP are being ignored. It's like Itunes is ignoring the location setting that

Any ideas?

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