Itunes Metadata 64 Bit Changes Windows 7 not working!

Hi all,
I have spent hours at this, and can't figure it out. On my Windows Vista 32bit system, I have Itunes installed and when I edit the name of a song, it changes it in Explorer and in the Metadata, I've checked using MP3 rename software.

Now I have a laptop Windows 7 64bit, installed Itunes 64 bit, and when I change the name of a song it changes the "Title" as now listed in Windows 7, but not the "Name" nor the Metadata, I checked with the same rename software.

It's not an Itunes issue, because I networked it to my old Vista desktop and the changes went through. Is it a permissions issue? I have changed the permissions in the Music folder to Full Control for everyone.

I REALLY hope someone else knows here, I can't figure it out. Thank you!

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