I downloaded a 64bit version from Itunes site and it works fine.
I reinstalled 32bit version on my other computer and it also works fine.

good luck

ok so whats happened to the little mini player that you used to get in vista when you minimised itunes as its getting annoying having to go into itunes every time i wanna skip a song

Can't install itunes on windows 7?

I just installed from scratch new computer with windows 7 (32 bit), but was not able to install neither Itunes or Quick times.
I was getting error messages:
HRESULT: 0x80070005. and
"Could not write value to key \Software|Classes\.qt. Verify that you have sufficient access to that key, or contact support personnel"

Any idea what can cause this and what workaround exist to install itunes and QT

Just a thought: When you click on the iTunes install package on your desktop, did you right click and select run as an administrator? I have heard that that will solve a lot of issues with access problems.

Before I did my upgrade from Vista Home Premium to Windows Home Premium, I moved my entire iTunes music folder (videos, iphone apps, music, etc) to my D partition (same drive, different partition). I updated itunes on where to look for the music folder. I read someplace that windows 7 likes to 'inventory' all of your media when it does the install, making some installs with lots of media files long, long installs. I read of one upgrade that was 20 hours. Moving the media files to another partition should shorten the install time. Mine was 3 hours start to finish.

When I began my upgrade, the upgrade advisor had be uninstall iTunes and 3 Acer oem programs that were 'incompatible'. After that, everything went well. It is likely that if your install is hanging or you are having issues afterwards, there is some bloatware on your computer that is causing it. That's also why clean installs usually work. Less junk in the partition.

When I reinstalled itunes, everything was exactly like it was before--playlists, music, etc.

I DID do a disk clone with Acronis True Image Home 2010 to an external drive before the upgrade and a complete defrag (1 hour) prior to the upgrade just in case.

Tried run as administrator - no change, same erors, Thannks!

I tried to "run as administrator" no change same failure, same errors. Thanks!

Hi, I bought Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits and after installed itunes 64bits was fine to me, but I can't do any edit lyrics, add cover or edit songs description. Please help on this. Many thanks!!

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The following message pops up whenever I install iTunes:

"The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable. Enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'iTunes64.msi' in the box below."

Anyone know what I can do to fix this? I've moved the file into different folders only to get the same result.

is your PC on a domain? it's possible your company is using folder redirection, but setup incorrectly so the installer does not have permissions to access the music folder. if this is the case,u can get around this by logging on with a local user account

Hay Friends !!
I think old version if itune is working on windows 7 !
I have itune 8.001 version !
It is proper working in my Windows Vista !
And I am sure this version also working on Windows 7 !

Thank You

How to install Itunes

I tried to install itunes and when finish downloaded I click run and nothing
happens just start to install and then dissapears. HELP!

itunes keeps locking up on me, but then again, so do a few things. crappy thing is that i can't even end the process i have to hard boot

If you go to Device manager, check your hard drive and in the power settings make sure the hard drive never sleeps. That should fix it.

I'm having problems with the itunes. When the itunes finished DL. I get this error message "not a 32bit application." I DL'ed both the 64 bit and the 32 bit version. I went into proporties and set to "administrator" still did not work. I also set it to " differenent service packs" and still did not work. It's very fustrating. Please help.

Working now.

I'm having problems with the itunes. When the itunes finished DL. I get this error message "not a 32bit application." I DL'ed both the 64 bit and the 32 bit version. I went into proporties and set to "administrator" still did not work. I also set it to " differenent service packs" and still did not work. It's very fustrating. Please help.

I did get it working. I had to unplug the Ipod from the Hub and plug it directly into the computer USB. Works fine now.


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try unistalling bonjure, worked for me

What firewall are you running? After I built my 32-bit machine I had all kinds of problems with Itunes. When I would sync I got skipping music, jumbled artwork, and my Touch would brick during a restore( I had to take it to the Apple store twice to have them revive it). I was running the free ZoneAlarm wall. Even turing the wall off didn't help. No one could suggest anything to help, so my last resort was to call apple and pay for support (I think it was about $29). Anyway, the dude hade me completely uninstall the ZA wall and Itunes, reinstall Itunes and then try a sync...worked like a charm. Now I just use Security Essentials. Hope this may help you.

try disabling bonjure, worked for me

Newbie on this forum, read all the time, great info found here. I am having an issue with itunes also. Just got ipod G4s and wanted to sync to get contacts and photos. got notice new itunes 10 avail so installed it. Plugged ipod in usb port and itunes ran up. it was extremely slow and hung in various places. Additionally noticed the CPU usage shot up to 100% and from there went downhill. First took down firewall and closed all spyware/antivirus software and ran reg mech to clean registry and all temp files etc...started experienceing some of the issues discussed on this thread so I will try some of them, but what is the issue with itunes and win 7 home premium. both appear to be 64 bit and noticed that it reacts diff with various folks on same fersion of windows (7).

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