I've Chosen Windows7, How Do I delete Vista?

I've been running my computer with Windows7 and with WindowsVista. I've decided now that I copied all my files I need Vista to be erased. I need the space. I have no idea how to do this. Some help would be very appreciated.

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Where is Vista located? On another hard drive? Another partition?

You can download a free partition manager like EASEUS and use it to format the partition/drive with Vista on it. This is only if you want to delete the entire partition/drive of course.

I partitioned my drive to be C:Windows Vista and F:Windows7.

Grab the 7600 RTM build if you don't already have it. Install that to C and then migrate your files over to the fresh install. Then you are free to erase F.


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What you need to know is that all the info needed to boot either operating system is kept on the system (C: ) drive. If you delete Vista you will wipe out your boot info too and you won't be able to boot anything. If you're going to run W7 alone then you will have to install it on the C: drive.


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Hi Minnybuddy,

Post a screenshot of Disk Management.

You may be able to use a bootable partition manager to copy the contents of the 7 partition onto the partition currently containing Vista.

Then run startup repair from the 7 dvd to add the boot files.

Depends on your partition sizes.

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Hello all,

I also have the same query as that of MinyBuddie, I too have Vista on C: drive and Windows 7 on F: drive.
I am posting screenshot of Disk Management in my pc.


Please suggest me how I can remove Vista (which I am not using).
I would like to know if there are any problems that would arise after vista is completely removed.

Thank you,


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You really need to start a new thread. The fact your Win 7 install shows drive F: while booted to, might lead to problems.

On the new thread, post the disk management picture again, and explain what the 40 G partition is...

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