I've got the blues...as in BSODs

Let me start off with a little back story; I'm an computer technician who really doesn't feel like troubleshooting his machine by himself anymore. My initial issue was with hibernation; I'd put the computer into hibernate and sometimes 5 seconds sometimes upto a full minute or two it would turn right back on. In trying to fix this I caused another issue; I changed a setting on the disk drive policies to allow for quick removal as opposed to performance; needless to say I got random bluescreens now even after I changed the setting back. I've ran Chkdsk /f; Automatic System Repair and unfortunately System restore is reporting that I have no restore points...

As well as that sometimes it takes me 4-5 times to get the computer to start up; sometimes it freezes on "Start Windows" with no animation above it; sometimes it freezes on a blank screen and even other times I get an I/o error when it's looking for the drive. Things I've already tried/checked...hoping it was a RAM issue I ran memtest86+ for approx. 15 hrs; needless to say it passed 35 times. I've run hard drive tests...the drive in question is a WD6400AAVS one intricate/special detail is that this drive is setup in an Esata enclosure which feeds into a Multi-function card reader/fan controller with an Esata input and from the Card Reader it feeds right into a regular Sata header on the motherboard. I've been running this setup without issue with Vista but I might also add that Vista is installed on a hard drive that is mounted in my case straight to a Sata header; as opposed to the Western Digital which has a more interesting path.

The BSODs I'm getting all appear to be 0x000007a some are ataport.sys; some are kernal_data_inpage_error and some are kernal_stack_inpage_error; my last BSOD produced no minidump but created a full memory.dmp which appears to be partially corrupted. Currently I have the "Write Debugging Information" to a Kernal Memory dump and automatically restart disabled.

My System specs are:
Intel Q6700
2x1gb G. Skill ddr2-800 5-5-5-15 1.8v (no overclock)
Powercolor ATI HD 4850
OCZ ModxStream 750w PSU
Seagate 500gb ST3500630AS
WD 640gb WD6400AAVS
Intel DG33TL mobo
Windows 7 Ultimate X64 RC

Running NAV09'
Thanks in advance; Sorry for the long post...

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