Windows 7 I've run out of ideas

OK, I have read on this site and others that I should be able to run Oblivion: Elder Scrolls and Need for Speed Most Wanted, but I can get neither game to run or I should say run correctly. They both installed with no problem, but when I start them up even on their lowest settings they crash my system after about 5 minutes. I have tried all the compatibility settings from XP and Vista with the same results. I have installed all the up dates available for both my software and hardware. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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List you PC specs, as this may show an obvious cause in itself.


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Make sure that you have the very latest Graphics card driver.
Only yesterday I upgraded mine and immediately the only game that would not work started to run fine. Everything I have installed works properly now in Win 7


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some santas are paedos so beware

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