jamming freezing bluescreening on a fresh installation


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It's my first post on this forum and I really hate to be bugging allready but I cant get my computer to work properly.. no matter what I do. So any help is appreciated.

Ok here's my system summary:


I'm running MS Windows 7 Ultimate (6.1.7600).

Everything SHOULD be running fine.. I've updated my BIOS and graphics card driver and tried various different drivers with no success.

If you look at the picture on that link you'll see these black lines across the screen. They are the least of it. I cant start any game without a freeze or a bluescreen. The thing that puzzles me the most is that these problems with 3d started just like that with no major changes in the system. At first it was something small when I was playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Then the problems escalated and now I cant start any game. If I tried to install one now it would probably go to bluescreen. Updating graphics card drivers or changing them might cause a crash as well.

I tried to run my original p5q-pro Intel P45 Chipset Suppost DVD but it says something like 'The operating system doesn't support the support dvd'.

My graphics card is less than one year old and i haven't clocked it or anything.. Dont seem possible that it would've broke down since my temp's are 40-60 allmost all the time.

I ran the (7100?) Release Candidate for months with great success and then out of the blue comes these problems without changing the system.

Does this sound like a virus or some malware? I've installed win7 couple of times on top of the old one. Didn't format the drive though.. Windows Malware remover cant find anything and malbytes or Avira either.

Also these crashes sometimes has nothing to do with any game. Firefox might crash. Explorer.exe might crash.


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For games, sometimes, you have to find the executable, right-click on it, choose the Compatibility tab and make some changes here.

can you read what's on the blue screen.

Try this download for more info on blue screen errors:

BlueScreenView v1.15

If this was just recently installed, I'd recommend a complete "clean" install.

However, you'll need to re-install all your 3rd party applications.


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Ok. So I was AFK for awhile and my computer probably tried to go to sleep mode. No sleep mode just shutdown like that.


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Ok I did the BluescreenView and here's a picture of it:


That say anything to you?

Maybe I should do a clean install. I have this Windows on a ISO file only so I have to burn it to a DVD. Do I have to make the disc bootable on the burning process or should it boot automatically just by burning the image to the DVD?

Man.. I don't have any DVD's right now but that seems to way to go. Burn it on a DVD, Format the C: and do a clean install from the boot-disc.


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Ok. I just checked my system information. Clicked on the Hardware and BAM the whole thing freezes and I get a message soon afterwards. "The graphics driver has stopped working and has recovered" or something like that. Wtf is going on this is really getting to my nerves.

Yesterday I cleaned my computer from inside and re-attached my graphics card and checked that it was properly connected.


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Definitely sounds like a hardware issue.

Go to Control Panel > Device Manager and see if any entries have a yellow flag next to them.


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No yellow flags on device manager. As I said everything seems fine till the shit hits the fan.

Right now im trying to burn my windows7 .ISO file into DVD and make it bootable but PowerISO wont let me 'Add boot information'. Seems like it's allready bootable.. or something.


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Yes, a "clean" insatll would be best.

Try Imgburn at it's slowest speed (1x) and use a good quality name-brand DVD

The Official ImgBurn Website


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Ok. I did a clean install with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits (6.1.7600), updated my drivers and i still get a bluescreen with games. And somehow the image flickers and these black lines appear.

The 4850 is probably gone fubar.


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Got this on a bluescreen: Crql_not_less_or_equal

Ran this memory check utility thats with the windows7 tools. Nothing wrong there.


I have the latest drivers and all that. Install of the Windows couldn't be more fresh or clean. My graphics card seems to be broken. How often does that happen.. less than one year old with no clocking. Pffft..


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Do you have another monitor you could try? How are you connecting to it?


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Seems like this is a somewhat common problem:

AMD Game Forums - Windows 7 - Display driver has stopped responding

Right now with all the Ati-drivers removed everything seems to run smoothly. Ofcourse i cant do shit without graphics card drivers sigh. Would be nice to know if its the driver thats faulty or the hardware.


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I removed all ATI drivers with driver sweeper and istalled an older driver. Disabled Aero and it seems to run a bit smoother. But i still can't play any game that requires gfx.

http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/299/23056091.png Call of Duty 4: Multiplayer

http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/5963/93574621.png Fallout 3

Watching movies with media player its the same thing. I'm about ready to take this shit back to the store. I probably should try it on another comp for sure.. what a waste of time.


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Is this a purchased version or the RC?

If RC, why not try 32-bit rather than 64-bit


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Well I tried it with 32bit but changed it to 64bit. Figured I have 4Gb ram so what the hell.. might as well try it.

So I took my graphics card and tried it on my friends computer. The same problems were there as soon as we tried anything that required performance from the graphics card. I'm going to return the 4850 tomorrow to the store and change it to a new one.

On their website they promise to change the product to a same but new one OR some other product that matches the original by features.

My GFX card is Asus Ati Radeon HD 4850 1GB, PCI-E, GDDR3, 2 x DVI

I was thinking if I should ask for Nvidia card instead.. What card from Nvidia would be equivelant to the 4850 1GB?

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