Japan #2 and #3 reactor containment vessels are confirmed breached Japan declares 'nuclear emergency

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    Good morning everyone. This is the latest from my contacts in Japan, probably one of the last since they are leaving very soon.

    #2 and #3 reactor containment vessels are confirmed breached. Radiation is leaking uncontrolled from them. Radiation levels at the plant went to over 11,000 microsievert per hour at one point today. To understand how high that is about 600 microsieverts would be what you would be exposed to if you got an x-ray. Working at the plant is basically suicide now. Expect the evacuations to be extended from the 20km to 30km. Those being told to stay indoors will be moved out.

    As for the idea of dropping water on the reactors from a helocopter. This is a last ditch effort that has been abandoned because the radiation is too high for the crew. Thoughts are that it would not do anything and could even make the situation worse.

    Attribution. "Erasurehead; a member of TopSecret.com", Japan declares 'nuclear emergency' after quake, page 130

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