Japan quake: China sets aside disputes, offers help

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    BEIJING - The earthquake and tsunami that devastated northern Japan may help temporarily ease Japan's strained relations with China, allowing the Asian rivals for the moment to look past lingering territorial, economic, military and historical disputes.
    When news of the disaster spread Friday, Chinese leaders quickly offered condolences and support. China is also earthquake-prone - a deadly 5.8-magnitude tremor hit southwestern Yunnan province Thursday - and officials here immediately put a rescue team in place to dispatch to Japan if needed.
    The Chinese defense minister, Liang Guanglie, called his Japanese counterpart, Toshimi Kitazawa, to offer military assets. The Red Cross Society of China pledged 1 million yuan, or about $152,000, to help Japan. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao also had a telephone conversation Friday with Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan and offered China's condolences and help.
    Japan quake: China sets aside disputes, offers help

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